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28 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

So what are we thinking? As of now something like...

LT - Becton, Fant, Edoga

LG - Lewis, Van Roten, Clark

C - McGovern, Harrison, Andrews

RG - Winters, Van Roten, Andrews, Clark

RT - Fant, Edoga, Clark



Winters (sigh)....I know you might be right though.....guy is like gum on your shoe.

Just never liked him for a lot of reasons and getting loud and showing up Darnold last year was the last straw.

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8 hours ago, peebag said:

That is the most perfect symbolic representation for Winters.

Thank you.  It actually didn’t require much thought.  The way he called out Darnold in public really bothered me.  Guy plays like sh*t most of the time and now he’s deflecting blame?  Then I saw him talking all excitedly about he can’t wait to bring his new born son along to blow deers heads off (I’m not against hunting if you do it for your meals, but he seemed like that wasn’t the case).....everything about this guy bothers me.  Also, there was only 1 team in the entire NFL he could start for and to make matters worse last and get paid year after year after year....my team.

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