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Zuniga is similar to Dee Ford

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2 hours ago, Sperm Edwards said:

Maccagnan was fired before Polite even made it to GW’s sh*t list, never mind before he was cut. 

A 40 time of 5.04 is just off the charts slow for an edge rusher. If he ran at his pro day that means he deemed himself healthy enough to do so, because why bother if you’re injured — just tell everyone you’ve got an injury, don’t run at all, and even if it drops you in the draft the teams will understand. To show off your slowness is madness only eclipsed by the team that drafts a player after he shows what he is (and isn’t). 

I don’t follow these prospects, so how was it he got 11 sacks his jr year (on top of 4 FFs and 6 PDs)? Was it just a talented team carrying him? Whatever it is, I’m amazed that we somehow found a day 2 pick who - without a tough luck early injury, arrest, or snorting/smoking his way off an otherwise guaranteed rookie roster spot - managed to actually be a far worse pro than Vernon Gholston. That was supposed to be literally impossible, like saying we replicated conditions that are actually colder than -273 deg Celsius, dividing by zero, or having a worse name than Jared Goff’s brother Jack. 

Very well done the way you hid the punchline!

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