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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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No they don't. The Patriots and Dolphins do. Patriots might have a great defense, but there offense is garbage. Patriots also lost some players on there defense, and there offense is still terrible without Brady to mask the offenses short comings. Honestly, Patriots will be picking in the top 10 in this draft, maybe top 5 with there schedule. Hope they don't suck enough that they end up with Lawrence.


Dolphins are switching offenses and while they have good wr's, there offensive line is still terrible. There defense also was ranked as the worst defense in the NFL last year. Dolphins are a bad team that over performed, partly due to having an extremely easy schedule.


Bills will win the AFC East, they have a pretty good roster and Allen is serviceable. All in all, Bills win the division (assuming Josh Allen doesn't sh*t the bed), Jets probably place 2nd (assuming, again, that Darnold doesn't sh*t the bed), Patriots 3rd, and Dolphins last.

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