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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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29 minutes ago, SAR I said:

....and despite the roster appearance on paper, the Bills were only 3 games better than the Jets last year, as injured and depleted as we were.  Look at their schedule.

at Jets
at Dolphins


Those are the 3 wins the 10-6 Bills had that the 7-9 Jets didn't.

We had the Bills beaten in Week 1, Darnold almost died and Mosley was lost for the season, we still had them cornered until late in the game.  Dolphins and Bengals games were on Sam as he was trying to make it back from injury.  Both were winless at the time.  The December Jets wipe the floor with those two teams.

Tell me, if the Jets fielded the roster we had in August against the Bills, Dolphins, and Bengals, we don't win those 3 games?  Of course we do.  And we just had a great FA and draft period.  The Jets are the team to beat, not the Bills, not the Pats.


Now this is a good post and sums up my sentiments exactly.  We are the team to beat!  Would have been a close thing last year too sans the inordinate amount of injuries.

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