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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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2 hours ago, JetFan20 said:

Look at the depth charts of New England, Miami, and Buffalo and rank the units (ignore QB for now). Adam Gase seems like a nice guy with a great family, but he is toast. The only hope the Jets have in this division over the next few years is if Darnold plays significantly better than Allen, Stidham/Pats QB, and Tua. 

My offensive rankings (Pretty big gap on paper between Bills/Pats and Jets/Dolphins because of Oline) 

1) Bills

2) Pats 

3) Dolphins

4) Jets 

Defensive rankings (All defenses look pretty good-not going to be easy for Sam) 

1) Bills 

2) Pats

3) Dolphins 

4) Jets 



1) Bills (Singletary/Moss)

2) Pats (Michel/White)

3) Dolphins (Howard/Brieda)

4) Jets (Bell/Perine)



1) Pats (Wynn, Thuney, Andrews, Mason, Cannon) 

2) Bills (Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Felciano, Ford)

3) Jets (Becton/Fant,Edoga, Lewis, McGovern, GVR/Winters, Becton/Fant/Edoga)

4) Dolphins (Davenport/Jackson, Flowers, Karras, Calhoun/Hunt, Davis/Hunt 


WR & TE (Weapons)

1) Bills (Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Knox)

2) Pats (Edelman, Sanu, Harry/Lee, Asaisi/Keene)

3) Dolphins (Parker, Williams, Wilson, Gesicki)

4) Jets (Crowder, Perriman, Mims/scrap heap guys, Herndon/Griffin) 



1) Jets (McClendon, Williams, Fautukasi, Shepard, Anderson) 

2) Bills (Lotululei, Oliver, Butler, Jefferson, Taylor/Phillips)

3) Dolphins (Godchaux, Raekwon Davis, Wilkins, Moss, Charlton)

4) Pats (Guy, Allen, Simon, Butler, Wise Jr, Thurman) 


Edge Rush 

1) Dolphins (Van Noy, Lawson, Ogbah, Harris/Weaver)

2) Bills (Addioson, Hughes, Epenesa, Murphy) 

3) Pats (Winovich, Bower, Uche, Copeland, Rivers/Calhoun)

4) Jets (Jenkins, Basham, Luvu, Zuniga) 



1) Jets (Adams, Maye, Davis)

2) Pats (McCourtey, Duggar, Chung) 

3) Bills (Poyer, Hyde, Johnson/Marlowe)

4) Dolphins (Colbert, Rowe, Brandon Jones)


ILB (I’d expect Avery to be cut) 

1) Bills (Edmunds, Milano, Klein,) 

2) Pats (Hightower, Bentley, Jennings) 

3) Jets (Mosley, Hewitt, Burgess/Cashman)

4) Dolphins (Biegel, Baker, Raekwon McMillan)



1A: Dolphins (Jones, Howard, Igbinoghene)

1B: Bills (White, Wallace, Norman) 

1C: Pats (Gilmore, McCourtey, Jones) 

4) Jets (Desir, Austin/List of scap heap guys, Poole)

Will you cry like a little wimp again when the jets do well and you are proven incredibly wrong again ?

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