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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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3 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

You guys really get bruised feelings when someone dares to not join in the love fest for the kid, huh?

Is it really such a crime to say you haven't been impressed by what you've seen so far? 

Since you brought up life in general, that's something you can do with someone, and yet still root for him to succeed. Apparently if you do it here you're a:

Bills fan

Giants fan

a troll

or you just "hate Darnold"

See, it's the "you guys" part that probably has most people wondering...

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17 minutes ago, hamat711 said:

The Pats didn't have a pass rush either and they were still elite. They sent zero blitzes 24/7 because they have amazing DBs. That wont change next year.

They struggled with teams who had weapons that could match their DBs like the Chiefs and Texans. They also struggled vs teams that didn't depend on their WRs like the Ravens.

Looking at their 2020 opponenets, the Chiefs, Texans, Cardinals, Seahawks, Bills, and Ravens look like the only teams that have enough fire power to challenge the Pats defense. The Broncos and Dolphins can also potentially make that list.

Ever hear of the Cover 0?

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