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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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There’s a lot of things wrong with those rankings.

our RBs should be tied with the Bills as best in the AFCE and we have the best qb.

Pats have by far the best cbs in the league, they’re super talented there.  Their Lbs are old now and depleted by FA and probably worst in the AFCE, ditto for their WRs.  (Everyone on their offense was walking injured last season, but you can clearly see major slippage in Edelman and Sanu, Nkeal didn’t look great after he returned).  However their DTs and DL are underrated.  They had a historically great D that gassed out mid season bc their O were so banged up they were putting rbs at wrs.  They have a ton of youngtalent on the Oline that played hurt, but on the weapon and rb side  it’s old Edelman and a ton of unproven.  They’re the worst offense in the AFCE...  worse even than the Dolphins.


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