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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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49 minutes ago, JetFan20 said:

Bell may be a great player, but he’s pretty useless in Adam Gase’s offense. ILB was tough.

I put Bills at #1 because Edmunds is the best LB in the division and dropped the Jets to #3 because Moseley and Hewitt are coming off injuries. 

Edmunds is not a better player than Mosley, unless you are only factoring that he was hurt last year.  Mosley is the best ILB in the division and Avery is a very good ILB in his own right.  If you want to factor him as cut thats fine but to pencil Hewitt in there and not even take into account that the Jets signed Onwausor is a mistake. 

Onwausor was a good player for a ravens defense that didn't miss much of a beat with mosely gone, and Onwausor was part of the reason for that.   

Even with injuries, Jets have the best ILB in the division. 

As for the roster as a whole, i dont think anyone in their right minds thought this mess was going to be solved in 1 year.  This was and always has been a multiyear rebuild. This draft was a very good first step. 

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