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Jets have he worst roster in the division by far

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Look at the depth charts of New England, Miami, and Buffalo and rank the units (ignore QB for now). Adam Gase seems like a nice guy with a great family, but he is toast. The only hope the Jets have in this division over the next few years is if Darnold plays significantly better than Allen, Stidham/Pats QB, and Tua. 

My offensive rankings (Pretty big gap on paper between Bills/Pats and Jets/Dolphins because of Oline) 

1) Bills

2) Pats 

3) Dolphins

4) Jets 

Defensive rankings (All defenses look pretty good-not going to be easy for Sam) 

1) Bills 

2) Pats

3) Dolphins 

4) Jets 



1) Bills (Singletary/Moss)

2) Pats (Michel/White)

3) Dolphins (Howard/Brieda)

4) Jets (Bell/Perine)



1) Pats (Wynn, Thuney, Andrews, Mason, Cannon) 

2) Bills (Dawkins, Spain, Morse, Felciano, Ford)

3) Jets (Becton/Fant,Edoga, Lewis, McGovern, GVR/Winters, Becton/Fant/Edoga)

4) Dolphins (Davenport/Jackson, Flowers, Karras, Calhoun/Hunt, Davis/Hunt 


WR & TE (Weapons)

1) Bills (Diggs, Brown, Beasley, Knox)

2) Pats (Edelman, Sanu, Harry/Lee, Asaisi/Keene)

3) Dolphins (Parker, Williams, Wilson, Gesicki)

4) Jets (Crowder, Perriman, Mims/scrap heap guys, Herndon/Griffin) 



1) Jets (McClendon, Williams, Fautukasi, Shepard, Anderson) 

2) Bills (Lotululei, Oliver, Butler, Jefferson, Taylor/Phillips)

3) Dolphins (Godchaux, Raekwon Davis, Wilkins, Moss, Charlton)

4) Pats (Guy, Allen, Simon, Butler, Wise Jr, Thurman) 


Edge Rush 

1) Dolphins (Van Noy, Lawson, Ogbah, Harris/Weaver)

2) Bills (Addioson, Hughes, Epenesa, Murphy) 

3) Pats (Winovich, Bower, Uche, Copeland, Rivers/Calhoun)

4) Jets (Jenkins, Basham, Luvu, Zuniga) 



1) Jets (Adams, Maye, Davis)

2) Pats (McCourtey, Duggar, Chung) 

3) Bills (Poyer, Hyde, Johnson/Marlowe)

4) Dolphins (Colbert, Rowe, Brandon Jones)


ILB (I’d expect Avery to be cut) 

1) Bills (Edmunds, Milano, Klein,) 

2) Pats (Hightower, Bentley, Jennings) 

3) Jets (Mosley, Hewitt, Burgess/Cashman)

4) Dolphins (Biegel, Baker, Raekwon McMillan)



1A: Dolphins (Jones, Howard, Igbinoghene)

1B: Bills (White, Wallace, Norman) 

1C: Pats (Gilmore, McCourtey, Jones) 

4) Jets (Desir, Austin/List of scap heap guys, Poole)

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7 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

Kind of hard to just ignore QB though when it's the most important position on the field.

That’s true, but even that is a leap of faith. All of the QBs in this division have a lot to prove. 

All four teams have pretty stout defenses on paper so it won’t be easy. I certainly don’t feel great about the Jets sh*tty group of receivers going up against that great group of CBs. 

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2 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

Severely overrating the other teams/underrating the Jets on the RB, OL, and ILB front.

The Jets may be #1 at both RB and ILB. Regardless of how you feel about Bell... pound for pound and $ being equal, every team in the division would take him over their current RB

Bell may be a great player, but he’s pretty useless in Adam Gase’s offense. ILB was tough.

I put Bills at #1 because Edmunds is the best LB in the division and dropped the Jets to #3 because Moseley and Hewitt are coming off injuries. 

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2 minutes ago, Greensleeves said:

Except...no. We have the best RB and best ILB in the division, as well as QB. Our O-line is potentially a top unit and we have arguably the best pass catching TE and TE group.  Talk about hating on your own team by pumping up our competition and belittling guys like Mosely and Bell. 

QB was excluded from this excercise

ILB and RB really don’t move the needle for me. You want to say the Jets are #1 at both positions? Fine, but that isn’t going to change the fact that on paper its still the worst offense & defense in division. 

Not sure how you can say Jets have a better Oline than Pats/Bills. 


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Surprised I took so much heat for this post. I spent a lot of time on it. 


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30 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Teams turn it around all the time in one year in the NFL.  Heck, just last year look at the 49ers.

We have the biggest piece of puzzle in Darnold, coming into his third year..

Now, understand the problems last year and this is A LOT of ifs but let me lay it out..

If they say mostly healthy

If Zuniga can have an impact (not 10 sacks but cause some problems)

If Becton learns how to pass block

If Davis or Hall, one of them can be a starter in the backfield.

If Mims can play to his potential And Perriman looks like his last 5 games.

Fant, Van Roten can play like middle of the road starters and not back-upS...


Now, if all or most of that happens - I know it’s a lot but nothing really outrageous and any one of them on their own seems completely plausible, it’s just all of them happening might be tough.  

But if it does - This is not only a playoff team but one that would be capable of making a run.


I just still see a lot of unknowns. Hopefully they added some good mid-tier depth to the roster which will serve them well if the injury bug hits again. 


Invested a lot to upgrade, but could also be worse (No guaranty Becton/Fant/Edoga out play Beachum/Shell/Edoga). The only clear upgrade is McGovern replacing Kalil/Harrison and better overall depth. 



Will Mims & Perriman replace DT and Robby Anderson’ production? Woudln’t be a bad move to sign DT as an insurance policy as hes still out there. Do the Jets get anything from Quincy Enunwa? Does Jamison Crowder stay healthy again? Do the Jets have any depth (Vyncint Smith, Berrios, Josh Doctson). 


Herndon could be the biggest addition on offense nobody is taking about. Darnold seemed to develop some really nice chemistry with him. Is he going to have a bounce back in year 3 after a lost year 2 like Marcus Maye?

Defensively they didn’t really lose anything, but didn’t add much. Pierre Desir and Quincy Wilson should be upgrades over Trumaine Johnson and Daryl Roberts. They lost Copeland, but replaced him with Zuniga who’s got more upside. 

I’d love for the Jets to look to add DT, Logan Ryan, and Vinny Curry on one year deals. 

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6 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Be better than this. You made me stop reading after the first sentence.

You've never once heard me say I "hate" Darnold… or any other player. I've made it a point to mention several times there isn't a single player in ANY sport, or ANY team that I hate. I have too much respect for the talent these guys have, and the work it took them to get where they are.

Don't take the fact that I've not been as impressed with Darnold as you and a lot of others here, and use it as a license to put words in my mouth.

I think Darnold looks to be a more accurate passer than Allen. You don’t see Sam airmailing 5 yard passes like Allen and Trubisky. I’m not sure if you can ever coach that out of those guys. 

Where Sam needs to improve is his ability to handle pressure. The oline was bad last year, but Sam made things worse with some terrible decisions. It would also be nice to give the kid a semblance of a running game for the first time in his career to avoid those 3rd and Long situations where the offense is at a disadvantage. 

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43 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

He remains the only Jet QB ever who knew how to throw back shoulder ...  it's a timing and ball placement thing...

and when he's on his slant is good too...  remember Decker's 2015?

Give it a rest. Fitzpatrick is TRASH. How did you like watching him play in 2016? 

Sam had plenty of impressive back shoulder throws last year (Cowboys game) 



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12 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

Would that make you feel better? 

You know, all warm and fuzzy inside?

I heard an interview on ESPN radio podcast with Marty Lyons and he put it very well when asked about Sam. 

“I like Sam and think he’s the long term answer at QB, but its year 3 and put up or shut up time”. 

We are all optimstic about Darnold right now, and most recognize his combination of ability, youth, and learning curve. I can guaranty you the narrative amongst Jets will change if he doesn’t show improvement next year. 

I think the majority of NFL fans/national media have already written him off as another Jets bust solely based off the Monday night disaster. What’s frustrating to me is that I’m still not sure if they have put enough talent around him to properly evaluate him. 

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2 minutes ago, hamat711 said:

QB - Darnold is not substantially better than Allen or Fitzpatrick. Fitz outplayed him with less talent. Allen outplayed him with more talent but still outplayed him. Even if Darnold is better, its not by much.

TE - Mike Gesicki is the best and most accomplished TE in the AFCE right now. Herndon has the potential to be better, but until proven otherwise it's Gesicki.

WR - The Phins and Pats have better WRs than the Jets. You probably weren't paying attention, but Preston Williams is a monster and Parker led the AFC in yards and they still have Albert Wilson. Edelman + Sanu is better than Crowder + Perriman, and until proven otherwise N'Keal >Mims.

LB - You can't say Jets by a mile when the Bills have a top 5 LB duo, who never come off the field since they are also amazing in coverage.

CB - The Jets are miles behind the division mainly due to their outside corners. The best CB on the Jets might not even be a top 10 CB in the division. At best Desir or Poole would be the 8th best CB in the division behind Gilmore, White, Howard, Byron, Mccourtey, JC Jackson, and Jonathan Jones.

Safeties - I'm fine with the ranking, but how can the Jets be miles ahead when the Pats and Bills both have a top 5 Safety duo? You can make a argument that the Jets have the 3rd best Safety duo because they aren't as good against the pass which is more important.


Did you really say that overall, the Jets have a better defense than the Bills and Pats? 

This is pretty much where I’m at. Darnold will have to be far and away the best QB in the division for the Jets to have a chance. 

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1 minute ago, Losmeister said:

give your Sam Darnold fleshlight a rest.

what is plenty? 4? 5?

I’m about as grounded when it comes to Darnold as anyone on here, but you are ridiculous. 

Marshall and Decker were ridiculous in 2015 and turned Fitzys’s wounded ducks look into nice “back shoulder throws”. Parker also had a few games this year where he played out of his mind. 

Darnold was building some chemistry with DT on some back shoulder throws before he got hurt. It’s certainly not in Crowder, Vyncint Smith, and Daniel Brown’s game. 


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3 minutes ago, hamat711 said:

You can't be serious? This has to be a joke.

Harry was a much better prospect and Denzel hasn't even played a snap. Until proven otherwise, N'Keal > Mims.

FFS, a lot of WR needy teams passed on Mims as his stock was plummeting. 


Didn’t the Pats just sign Marquise Lee to replace Harry and also gave up a 2nd round pick to get Sanu to replace Harry mid season 2019?

Harry looks like a major bust so far. On that note alone I would take Mims over him. The reason I put the Pats ahead of the Jets is Edelman.  

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