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Patriot Killa

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1 hour ago, 14 in Green said:

I liked the draft a lot. Douglas did all we could have asked. Now it's up to the players and coaches to take it from here.

Bechton can become a beast. I like that we took a chance on potential to be great.

Mims was a good pick, but I'm a little worried about him, to be honest..

Davis, Hall and Mann... love these picks.  Davis might become the player who finally replaces Deontay Burnett as my "adopted Jet"

The only thing I'd have liked Douglas to do over would be not take Morgan, and get another WR instead with that pick. With this roster, why take a guy who will only get on the field when we don't ever want him to? (unless you think we'll be blowing people out 35-3 in the 4th).

Wait, what about Gettlemen outsmarting JD and wanting saying the jets would love to switch drafts with the giants?? And don’t you always say Sam is terrible? 

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5 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

You're new, so I'll give you the courtesy of a serious, honest reply.

I never said Gettleman outsmarted JD. I said the trade was good for both teams, and people here are wrong when they say Gettleman is a bad GM.  

I honestly don't remember if I said the Jets would love to switch drafts with the Giants(I'm assuming you're talking about last years draft). I hope I did though, because it's exactly the type of keen observation I'd make, lol. The Giants draft last year blew ours out of the water. It's not even close.

Do I say Sam is always terrible? No. I've said he's played poorly when he has, and I've complimented him when he played well. What annoys people here is that I tweek them when they say things like he's going to throw for 500 yardsw 45 TDs and 5ints(I"m not exaggerating) or that he's a top5-10 QB.

In fact, this whole thing started early last season when I mocked people for saying Darnold was performing better than Mayfield or Allen. When I did, I became a "Bills/Browns fan.

As far as the Browns go, I will plead guilty to rooting for Baker Mayfield. Which is something you didn't mention in your post. I was hoping we drafted him, because I loved watching him in college. I still root for him, think he's a better QB than Sam.. 

Nice trolling 

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