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The Ballad of Joe Douglas

Bruce Harper

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Sung to the Beverly Hillbillies

Come & listen to a story 

bout a man named Joe

A short bald scout 

Got his start with Ozzie Newsome

And then one day when his cell phone rang

he got the chance to join the New York City Gang. 

Gang Green

New York that is Sky Scrapers, Movie Stars. 

Well the first thing you know old Joes a millionaire

The Jet fans said, Joe get them out of here

So Robby & Trumaine will be sent on their way 

Now we'll get guys here that are good enough to pay

Well now we had the draft & Joe had this to say

fans get off the ledge because I know how to play

I'll get us a few more picks and soon we'll be on our way

With Stars....Athletic Freaks

he added Big Ticket & moved back while Jet fans prayed

he got his man Mims though we all thought he went astray

Traded back? Who does that?

then he grabbed himself a safety cause Adams has to get paid

And a Rusher, and a running back, a back up QB and a Punter too

he was moving and shaking it was crazy a hell

he had every Jet fan caught under his spell

well now it's time to say goodbye to the 2020 draft

He's got a few more free agents lined up in his path

to take us to the playoffs is the place he wants to be

so he's loading up this team to get to Miami

SUPER BOWL that is



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