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Becton Previous Addiction Problems?

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8 minutes ago, jetspenguin said:

This is a post from his girlfriend that has since been reported sans the mention of addiction. Has anyone else heard if this was food or drug related?



Maybe he’s addicted to life? The man has triumphed against adversity with willpower and determination despite being handicapped by a private “addiction”. That has crippled the lives of countless other people.

He has now enter a profession where he now has the means to bring about his and his family’s dreams. That is truly living.

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26 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

i see your mixalot and raise you the commodores


i realized when i saw thaty pic that i'd forgotten THAT was the cool band Lionel Ritchie was in...

so i wiki'd it and stumbled on this little gem...

The Commodores formed from two former student groups, the Mystics and the Jays. Richie described some members of the Mystics as "jazz buffs."[5] The new six-man band featured Lionel Richie, Thomas McClary, and William King from the Mystics, and Andre Callahan, Michael Gilbert, and Milan Williams from the Jays. To choose their name, William King opened a dictionary and randomly picked a word. "We lucked out," he remarked with a laugh when telling this story to People magazine. "We almost became 'The Commodes.'"

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