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Lil O

Seattle just released Britt and Fluker

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54 minutes ago, greenwave81 said:

Justin Britt started 86 out of 87 games since being drafted, missing the last 8 games last year due to an ACL tear.

That's brittle?

He's not a good OT, though started there with the Seahawks...but can also play OG...played well enough as an OC to get all-pro mention and a 3 yr/$27 mill contract from the Seahawks.

Know the guy from his college days at Mizzou...he's a pretty tough guy.  Versatile enough that he might be right up JD's alley.

Just sayin'


He is a brittle. A tough kid would have played 87 games. Actually I like football players that go 87 for 87 lol.

It was obviously just a play on his last name and not actual football commentary.

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