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Jets Progress Report Post FA/Draft (KC, Ravens)

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The AFC road to the Super Bowl goes through Kansas City, and to a lesser extent Baltimore. To contend with KC's offense, for one, the Jets offense must be able to roll outta bed and drop 40 points on anyone. That's reality in Mahomes's AFC. 

Where do the Jets stand in that quest? After offseason doings culminating in the draft, still seems a ways off.

For example, comparing offenses Jets v Chiefs:

- In free agency the Chiefs re-signed Sammy Watkins, Jets swapped Perriman for Anderson. Watkins as KC's WR2 is arguably better than our WR1 (be it any of our top 3 WRs). Not overly encouraging. Sure the Jets upgraded their o-line, but that was just getting it up to par.

- In the draft we added Becton & Mims with our first two picks, Chiefs added one offensive player Edwards-Helaire among their first two. You'd hope the Jets' two additions give them a greater than a KC's single selection. Tho Edwards-Helaire will add another dimension to that offense.

Seems Jets best bet to contend with a team like KC is time of possession & points (you hear that Gase & Lev Bell?). Time-consuming drives ending in points. That's the formula SF utilized well for much of the Super Bowl; it's what the Jets used to perfection vs. Pats playoffs 2010.

Otherwise in a shootout - it seems the Jets have somewhat closed the gap, but it's still significant. In FA or the draft, wish JD could've added Antonio Gibson or another dangerous multi-purpose weapon. 

As an aside: the Chiefs attack teams with their offense and defensive line/pass rushers. That's where they invest most of their resources, at the expense of premium positions like CB. At some point in most games the KC offense explodes, then their defense pins its ears back and blitzes like crazy.

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