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Rotoworld: NFL Head Coach rankings

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51 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

The amount of depth of excuses for Gase is overwhelming here.  

It’s not just the fact that his team’s lose or that his offense are the worst in the league  but it’s also clear he’s an ego maniac with zero flexibility in he system and mind-set - who regularly fights with his players...he’s a my way or the highway kinda guy that just doesn’t work well in the NFL.

I would say he might make a good college coach with that type of attitude, but he also happens to be a terrible X’s and O’s, play caller and game planning head coach too.

Tannehill not being healthy and actually playing in games didnt affect his play?  

Hard to play well when you're on IR.

Isnt an excuse.  

Its a fact.  

Theres enough to complain about without Tannehill came off of IR, went to a SB type team and had more success nonsense


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On 5/6/2020 at 8:29 AM, Irish Jet said:

The thing is, if you haven’t made your own luck through 64 games, you’re probably never going to.

I'm hardly the biggest Gase fan, but I don't think there's some rule. Especially for a guy who was younger when he first got his HC'ing shot(s) and haven't had enough repeated experience to learn from yet. Some of the winningest coaches ever took even longer than 64 games. e.g. Belichick, Carroll, Levy, Landry. Also some just need a change of scenery and try again with another team. Three of the four I mentioned needed that.

I'm not as supremely impressed as some by last year's 7-9 record, but admittedly it was hardly a great situation for any coach. This year will his first following an offseason with a like-minded GM. It'll take another year after that to get rid of players he never wanted but who are/were uncuttable (e.g. Bell). I prefer this year, but one draft class's rookie year isn't enough to say, "OK now we expect a title."

No way would I give him the leash Bowles was given before him. But since Gase probably has a 4-year deal, I think by end of year 3 is enough to make a decision. If we win something like 3 games this year, that should be it, of course (if he isn't fired midseason). But 3 years with Gase still gives Douglas a solid 3 years with a subsequent hire, who shouldn't need as long because the roster shouldn't need another post-Maccagnan housecleaning for 2 years. 

Hey, hopefully we win 10+ games this year - and/or get surprisingly far in the playoffs - and that makes it an easy decision to keep him.

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25. Adam Gase 
Career Record: 30-34 (.469)  
With The Jets Since: 2019 
Last Year’s Ranking: — — 

In 2018, then Dolphins coach Adam Gase oversaw a skill corps led by Ryan Tannehill, Kenyan Drakeand DeVante Parker. How did they fare their first season without him? Career year, career year, and … you guessed it, career year. This long-established Gase trend achieved transcendent levels of farce in 2019, as did his offense. Sam Darnold got hurt then saw ghosts. Le'Veon Bellreceived zero blocking and looked done. Robby Anderson sleepwalked through September-November before coming alive in December (again). You could credibly argue none of this was Gase’s fault. The bigger problem is, every time there was a question, Gase didn’t have an answer. Why do Gase’s players show their biggest improvement once they’ve been traded away? Why is the thing he’s most excelled at been antagonizing his own talent? Maybe Gase is one of the hardest-luck coaches in NFL history. He’s led two directionless franchises and been victimized by injury in both spots. The thing is, if you haven’t made your own luck through 64 games, you’re probably never going to. Little from Gase’s first job suggested he deserved a second chance. Little from 2019 suggested he’ll get more than two years in New York.      


I’ve collected so many buttfumbles/thumbsdowns and confusions for saying everything here over the past 17 months. For some reason, the givers of those reps simply dismiss everything in Gase’s history except his time with Peyton.  And now, the mirage of “6-2” is greater than the reality of 7-9 and 30-34, and we’re wasting away any reason for hope on this clown when we finally have a DC and a D worth watching and a potentially solid QB on a rookie deal.

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On 5/6/2020 at 10:01 AM, bitonti said:

For all those rooting for Gase to be fired, realize if/when it happens, that also means Sam is a bust

some pretty ill sh*t has to go down 


Judging by how good Tannehill was last year, think what Sam will do his first year away from Gase! Hof numbers.

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