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Batman Gone Bad - Gotham - Town Wins


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4 hours ago, Integrity28 said:

Is there a reason AVM is written in red, but Dice is written in black? Most games use color as alignment indicator.

Most games, yes. But i am famously colorblind and working on a phone half the time, so the only reason I will use colors is to draw attention to statements. They are not alignment indicative. 


4 hours ago, JiF said:

@DPR - is this particular theme/characters based on a particular Batman feature? Ie; Tim Burton, Zach Snyder, Christopher Nolan, the old school show, Cartoons, video games, etc? Or does include all? 

The theme is a mashup on all Batman properties. There will be flips and the pictures/gifs I used for characters come from all different versions. 


4 hours ago, Smashmouth said:

yeah weird we are not getting any alignment and weird AVM was just sent to the Asylum. Not getting whats going on here ... Is the asylum the dead thread ? @DPR

Alignments will be learned through different means/circumstances. 


3 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

As a mod he has needs to make choices. Either give solid fake claims to scum or mix it up. Otherwise he wouldnt allow claiming freely cause it would be telling and make everything obsolete. 

Somebody is reading.


3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

So this is a bastard mod kind of game.  Noted.

You say that every game. Every. Game. 


3 hours ago, Nynaeve said:

Maybe he just thinks colors are pretty.

Oh, I do. Lovey shades of charcoal, asphalt, obsidian and dust. Just beautiful LOL


There will be flips - you just need to get to that point.

Roles are very, very important and are designed to compliment one another.  Use them well. 

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Obviously who knows but a mechanic that removes a player from the game, doesnt seem town friendly.  AVM was putting in work and we were forming a super team.  His only mistake was daring to challenge the great and almighty Nyn, who is not allowed to be questioned by anyone, ever.    Meh, I shouldnt have holstered and just removed it from the game.  That way we dont have to worry about reading 2 threads and stuff too.

@DPR can I get my shot back tonight?  

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The Joke laughed and laughed, sometimes at the TV but sometimes at nothing at all. After a while most everyone had left, leaving him to sit and laugh by himself.

But he wasn't completely by himself...

The shadow of a giant bat slowly rose on the wall in front of him and Joker began to laugh harder.

A konk on the head was all it took to shut him up and when Joker woke up next, he was behind bars in Arkham.

Smash, a.k.a Joker, has been thrown into Arkham. He may not post in this thread as long as he is there.

It is now D2

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