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NFL Uniform rankings. Guess who’s last

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On 5/17/2020 at 8:19 AM, Sperm Edwards said:


“Here’s an idea for a new logo! Ready? We’ll write the name of the team in italicized block letters like before! Shorten the height of the “J” so people will know we changed it around a little. Instead of the NY over it we’ll write NEW YORK in smaller letters above it. Oh and of course an icon of a football partly covering team name, so people know what sport we’re playing when the product on the field calls that into question, even though it’s doubly redundant since the green background area is (sort of) football shaped in the first place.”

They really couldn’t find a creative graphic artist in a metro area that has like 15 million people? Nah, Nike will come up with something for us: a flat triangle (which we’ll put on the uniform but not on the logo anyway).

It’s not like there was some uphill battle making the team’s name look “tough” (which they instead weakly tried to accomplish by being 10-20 years late on their black uniform thing for the alternate). Cardinals, ravens, dolphins, saints — these nonaggressive/unimposing (if not outright wimpy) things provide a lot less to work with than the jets who can go with a freaking war machine of sorts. A fighter jet with an NY on/below it, with a distinctive font (even the existing font is so basic, but I could get past that if it was part of a logo instead of basic block lettering effectively being the logo).

Or even just something creative that draws upon pride in being in (ok, near) the biggest metropolis in the country. Or come up with a more distinct styling to the letters that really makes it their own: the unique NY logos used by the Yankees, Mets, and Giants; the 49ers’ SF logo; KC putting theirs on an arrowhead. Even the Rams made a freaking effort, though it’s awful and unlike “NY” that has only one association, LA is also the abbreviation for Louisiana, and frankly I just see the word “Laaaaa!” myself lol. I liked their basic rams horns one. Not my favorite, but it was instantly identifiable and it was theirs. At least the new one is an attempt at an actual logo/icon; imagine if it was just a rounded football-ish shape that plainly said LOS ANGELES RAMS on it. That’s the Jets’ logo.

It’s so lazy and uninspiring - after making such a big deal about the secret unveiling for so long - that yes the only thing that will make it not-awful (or less awful) is associating it with winning superbowls. 

100% spot on SE. Im not surprised at the ranking of our disgusting uniforms. I was very vocal in my initial and continued disappointment in our new uniforms. Our uniforms are awful. Triangular slash marks instead of stripes? The black uniforms are so out dated and not our colors.  The helmet and logo is putrid. A middle school student doodling could have come up with something more creative than the word "JETS" stamped across a green helmet. The image of the tiny football is beyond juvenile. Opportunity wasted. What a shame. Could have finally created an identity of our own but instead we continue to look less than our big brother Giants. Its boarder line criminal that we didnt seize this opportunity considering our "little brother/having to share GIANTS stadium" status. Truely absurd. I am far from a design expert but couldnt we have used a version of the NY symbol with the New York City skyline behind it? Our own version of the NY symbol that somehow is the base of a Fighter JET? It seems like such a no brainer that this was the opportunity to create an identity after years of being little brother to the Giants and the continued nomadic feel of playing in a stadium that is not ours. What an opportunity missed. It's difficult to believe that ownership couldn't realize this from purely a selfish marketing stand point. Absurd

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