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NFL Uniform rankings. Guess who’s last

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3 hours ago, HawkeyeJet said:

The Jets old uniform was not especially pleasing to the eye and didn't represent anything except a memory for only a portion of the fanbase.


disagree  ...these were very pleasing to the eye ... especially compared to all the other $h*t we've seen as Jets uniforms



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14 minutes ago, Gastineau Lives said:

So you've moved on from the uniform to the underline of this take flight thing, whatever that is. 

Even if it were true, there is not a soul in the universe that would look at that and go, "oh yeah, that's an airplane" it's like taking a . and going oh yeah, that's a ?, and this : ^, well that reminds me of Malcolm X, it totally means Malcolm X, and ( , well that'd a snowman. I can't believe I'm explaining this.


totally agree saying that the little long triangle thing is deliberately bringing us to the retro jet logo over the t & s from those 90's helmets  ... is absurd


comparing Malcolm X to a snowman ?!?!?!?! ... I'm sure you're not trying to create some black/white conflict I hope !!!!!

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