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4th & 15 Replacing Onside Kicks???

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4 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

This is a horrible idea.  You have to earn possessions in the NFL.  You score - you kick.  That's the game of football.  You don't get to "decide" to keep the ball after scoring.  A team that fought all game to build a late lead can have that lead disappear with late game scores and then this gimmick play?  At least with an onsides kick, you have to recover the ball to "regain" possession.  Add in the horrible defensive pass interference, defensive holding, and roughing the passer calls that are made each game and this has disaster written all over it.

Either keep the rule as is, go back to the old onside kick rule, or make it much much harder than 4th and 15 -  and a penalty only gives the team another shot at the play, not a first down.  

You don't get to decide to keep the ball anymore than when you decide to keep the ball when you attempt an onside kick. 

It's just replacing the luck of a ball bouncing in the right direction with an offense vs defense talent based outcome..

And you make it seem as if making a4th and 15 is 50/50.

Not to mention the huge downside for that team if they don't make it. You are giving the ball to the other team in GREAT field position.


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