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4th & 15 Replacing Onside Kicks???

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2 hours ago, JoJoTownsell1 said:

You don't get to decide to keep the ball anymore than when you decide to keep the ball when you attempt an onside kick. 

It's just replacing the luck of a ball bouncing in the right direction with an offense vs defense talent based outcome..

And you make it seem as if making a4th and 15 is 50/50.

Not to mention the huge downside for that team if they don't make it. You are giving the ball to the other team in GREAT field position.


No team is going to elect this option unless it is late in the game and a defensive stop would not matter.  It will only be used by teams who will lose if the other team is in or close to a kneel down situation.  There will be no advantage for the defensive team stopping a 4th and 15 other than putting them in the same position had they recovered the onside kick. Take a knee or three and celebrate the victory.  This rule proposal is inane.  It is horrible. It completely changes the endgame in the favor of the team that is losing after 59 minutes.  

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