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PSA: NFL channel 2:00p today

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There are doing a series called "America's Game"

Hour long shows of the Super Bowl winner. '66 Packers on now. They go through the whole season not just the championship games

Follow the '68 club's journey. Always nice to see Namath throw again

Sorry for the short notice but this one is worth taping 

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Just watched this on DVR

Even though I saw this before I have to admit to tears in my eyes by the end. From the opening shot (a young Bob Murphy in it BTW) to seeing those home game plays that we could only hear on the radio then (and still remember when they happened) to those shots of the last real home stadium the Jets ever had to Maynard breaking up just talking about it after so many years to the "We Did It" speech that Namath makes in the end, it was one of the few meaningful seasons of any sports franchise in this great city's history. You could count your rings, but all of them don't add up to the value and heart of this one. 

All the nonsense that has and is continuing to ensue in all these many years that have followed doesn't really matter because in that one rare moment when just one season, one franchise, one result can truly change the world ...They Did It

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