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CBS’s NFL QB tier ranking.

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28 minutes ago, ScarletKnight89 said:

Josh Allen not at least being in the "verdict is still out" section is kind of stupid. I mean hell, they have Trubisky in the "good luck" section and Trubisky (where he belongs) and he won 11 games his second year too. 

Yeah.  That is dumb.  Trubisky in his 2nd year was better than Allen was last year.  You could argue Trubisky wasn't even that far off last year to Allen and people are out on Trubisky but Allen seems to get a lot of positive reactions.

There are a few other head scratcher placements in there too in my opinion.  Wentz is not a bonafide franchise QB.  That's the most ridiculous one of the list to me.  Garrappolo as a rising star is a big stretch too.

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54 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:


Murray is a rising star and Sam the verdict is out?

Trubisky is good luck making playoffs 1 in 3 years but Tyrod Taylor making playoffs once (leading O to 16 PPG) and Ryan Tannehill(riding Henry) is in "you can win with them" category?

Mayfield hasn't even been to the playoffs and he's in the you can win with.


Stafford is a proven winner


This list makes no sense

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Damn, everyone is as big of a hater towards Rivers as they were with Romo. Were they even the best QB in the NFL? No. But both were very good QBs for a long time. Shame they get no respect simply due to lack of playoff success.

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4 hours ago, Daddy Wang Doodle said:

Which part were you referring to when saying McCown played better than Sam? The 1:4 td to int ratio in 2018 or the 55% completion in 2018?

You're the only clown here

Josh QBE of 60...Sam less than 50 x2

suck it

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