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Sams contract next year

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15 hours ago, BCJet said:

Tannenhill just got a 4 year deal for $118 with $62 guaranteed and hes coming off 2 seasons where he didnt crack 3000 yards either time and had 17 tds in 2018 and 22 in 2019.

If Sam goes for 3200 with 25-12 line that will rightly be considered franchise QB numbers and he will be in line for an extension.

And I would say the titans were dumb for giving him that contract. The running game was that entire offense. Soon as it was shut down they were toast. Regardless of that, they did make a playoff run with him at QB. We have 2 losing seasons with Darnold.

Just because they handed out a dumb contract doesnt mean we should.

I want to see Darnold with a winning record in a season and at bare minimum top 20 QB play, but preferably top 15 before we even think of extensions.


Giving out big contracts to mediocre QB's is a big reason so many teams are held back.


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