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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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16 minutes ago, RVAJet815 said:

To be fair I think it’s more laughing at us than hating us. That said, the jets have given no reason for people to talk them up. I love 14 and think he’s about to make these haters look stupid...but until the jets show they’re coming out of their Bowles/Gase enduced funk, they’re gonna keep throwing shade. Look how little it took for them to start talking about freaking Allen as the next coming. Relax, it’s their job.

Agreed.  Its not hatred, we have become the team people love to laugh at.  I would rather be hated, but you have to give fans of other teams reason to hate.  And you do that by kicking their asses.  Something we have been incapable of doing for most of our history.

Also, being the only team that does not "own" its home market does not help the perception.  Other teams are beloved in their home markets.  We are not and I think it impacts the way we are covered.

It is what it is.  Just win games and the narrative will change.

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