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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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We have the same talk with every controversial piece. It’s not the media, it’s the people that feed the media.

1. Big market with two teams in one sport means one is always billed as the red headed stepchild. Lol Nets (although lol Knicks too), lol Mets, lol Islanders, etc. it’s because there is a geographical rivalry. Giants/Yankees/Rangers fans will read things bashing Jets/Mets/Islanders respectively. Therefore, you aren’t losing much in your geographical area.

You don’t do this in KC, because if the Chiefs fans are against you, better start packing. Negativity? Sure. Blatant attempts to stir the pot? Not much of a shot.

2. The business model for the media is no longer about reporting. It’s the same thing with the news. If you drove by a bunch of cops three blocks from your house in the early 90’s, your options were pulling over and asking the people for unverified accounts of what’s happening. Or you waited until the 11 o’clock news after 2 commercial breaks. That was it. Therefore the news could report what happened and still retain your interest because you had a desire to know what was going on.

Nowadays, with social media, you can probably get a live twitter feed from those cops, and people scanning the the police scanner to know what is going on. You no longer have the need to know, so just reporting is now boring and useless. So they sensationalize it to hold your interest. Instead of news, let’s pump if they entered the house legally, because of race, police brutality, etc. The actual news is the foreword. The meat lays in their analysis of the situation, which is just meant to stir up controversy.

Same thing with the Jets. “Adams and the Jets negotiating like 28 other teams” has no value to them. However, here’s the news cycle for “high tension between Adams and the Jets”

- Should the Jets resign Adams? You have Yes/No pieces with people invested in both sides. Then a subset of, what should the Jets sign him for? Another subset of “that’s too much/that’s not enough” reaction posts and discussions.

-Should the Jets trade Adams? You have Yes/No articles with people invested in both sides. Then a subset of, where the Jets should trade him? And if so, for what. We have rampant trade discussion for possible matches. Then all the discussion surrounding it.

-What is wrong with the Jets? A subset of articles discussing the issues with Gase, Douglas, and Johnsons. A whole bunch of people reacting to it.

- What’s wrong with Adams? Is he a diva? A leader? A subset of reactions to it.

- Then a meta sports insight into how players are standing up for their rights. Subset of are they right/wrong reactions! Bunch of root for the jerseys/individual posts met with root for players/not owners posts.

- National media exposure for controversy because everyone loves a car fire. It helps build a narrative about Lol Jets, and we’ve completed the circle.

Now, when a story spins into a controversial slant, it’s more believable.

Just go through this sub, and see the number of posts generated from this subject.

The media isn’t at fault because they make money with clicks and ads. To achieve those, they need discussion and controversy. It’s why a reporter like Manish, widely hated by most fans, stays employed because people pay for it by spreading it.

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