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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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On 5/24/2020 at 8:12 AM, NYJ1 said:

Add in small, petty things like cheering when Chad Pennington got injured. That's about as cheap and low rent a move as fan Base could possibly be. 

And booing when he re-entered the game. I was ashamed to even be there... as a fan I never really got over that day. 

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5 hours ago, slimjasi said:


You always see people make broad generalizations about fans from this city or that team, but the reality is that, if you get enough people from any one group (a fan base being only one example of a large group of people) in one place, there will always be a few jerks who ruin it for everyone else. 



14 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Chiefs fans cheered when Matt Cassell got injured and no one cares

I can't speak for anyone else but I certainly don't care; then again, I'm not a Chiefs fan and probably forgot he was ever on KC in the first place. 

But I still remember a LOT of my fellow Jet fans acting like complete scumbags when Pennington got hurt. 

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