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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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Historically we are the 27th winningest team in the NFL.   Our winning percentage since 1960 is around .450.  We are irrelevant, nobody hates us.  

In order to turn this team around, we would have to win for a decade straight.  Anything less is SOJ.  We are notorious for having a good season or two followed by 5 or 6 losing seasons.  Currently we haven't been to the playoffs in a decade. Worst part is we aren't even close to being a winning team.  We are facing another losing season, at the end of which, Gase gets fired and we start the whole cycle over again. Wash Rinse Repeat.

Anybody who thinks this team is anywhere near a playoff caliber team would have to answer 

1.  How quickly can a completely new offensive line gel

2.  Who is our pass rusher?

3.  Who is our #1 CB

4.  Who is our #1 WR?

5.  How Gase can actually get this team to win?

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