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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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On 5/24/2020 at 7:17 AM, UntouchableCrew said:

People don't really hate the Jets. But..

1) They hate New York. and...

2) They like to sh*t on New York teams that don't win. You'll never have a "lovable loser" from New York like you do Chicago. New York is the economic and cultural capital of the country, and subsequently has the arrogance to go with it. It's a hyper competitive city that draws the best and the brightest. It's full of winners. If you're a loser here you suck. Nobody loves you.

So the solution is simple. We need to win.

I think this is the biggest thing. 

I grew up in the NYC metro area, and when I moved away as a teenager/young adult, one of the first I noticed was how many people around the country hate on NYC.  It’s a combination of jealously and being “anti-establishment.” It’s a very interesting phenomenon. I have also found that people treat LA in a similar fashion. 

I think when you combine a national anti-NY bias with the fact that the Jets are perennial losers, you have the kid in school who is easy to pick on.

As you wrote, just win 

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9 hours ago, Philc1 said:

Chiefs fans cheered when Matt Cassell got injured and no one cares


You always see people make broad generalizations about fans from this city or that team, but the reality is that, if you get enough people from any one group (a fan base being only one example of a large group of people) in one place, there will always be a few jerks who ruin it for everyone else. 


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