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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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1 hour ago, 14 in Green said:

The only place I've heard 18m is here.

I realize dumping Adams and what you think of his play and personality has replaced firing Macc as your Crusade du jour (that's okay, I've been told I have one of my own) but if Adams gets anything like that kind of money, it's because that's what he's worth.

It's not like you harping on it is going to influence Douglas one way or the other. You hope they trade him and get draft picks, some of us want to keep good players on the team.

Instead of making up a bunch of nonsense about what Adams will do or how he'll behave without getting a new deal, let's see what happens. Because so far that's all it's been... made up BS by bloggers or posters on boards.

You are the leader of those BS bloggers, and if you think Adams is worth 18 million, that explains enough.

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