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Why do people hate the jets so much?

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28 minutes ago, Philc1 said:

I was looking at the QB ranking chart in the other thread and seeing Darnold basically rated as Ryan Leaf and I was just wondering where that animosity comes from?

As a Yankees fan I get people hating on them.  They’re the Yankees 27 World Series championships, highest payroll(not true anymore but that’s the perception) your wife or gf in Ohio wishes she was with Jeter.  But what did the Jets ever do?


Is it because Giants fans in the media hate sharing the spotlight?  Is it because patriots homers on ESPN spew venom?

ESPN and sports media pure and simple. 

- How ESPN portrays Jets fans acting during the draft (even though EVERY fanbase acts the same way, we were just the ones televised because it was in NY for so long). Toss in constantly replaying the buttfumble every 3 weeks for really no reason. 

- Our own NY sports media. It's a shark tank and the Jets are the chum. Most other cities have two maybe three beat reporters for their team. We have about 71, and they are all aiming to be relevant, so they one up each other with fabricated stories and "sources", but it damages the teams image in the process. I live in Indianapolis and there's ONE sports reporter here, Bob Kravitz, and even when the Colts were inept, you wouldnt hear that many bad things about them, and you wouldnt believe how much bad sh*t the media in Indy just quietly doesnt report on with regards to players getting in trouble. 

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