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Report: Ravens in trade discussions for Jamal Adams

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Jamal’s Twitter has been pretty quiet as of late...no shots, no subliminals, no complaining....while Im sure he may feel some type of way, he sure isn’t publicly.

Which means he or his agent are feeding this directly...and ok, maybe.

I just get a really bothersome strong feeling that some media are filling in the gaps and making assumptions. It appears that there is a lot of narrative steering going on. It’s almost as if they want a trade because.., “sameolejets” and stuff. “Jamal wants to go to Dallas cause he’s from there and now Ravens are in the mix cause they gave ties with JD and why wouldn’t he trade with his ex’s?!” THE SH/T REEKS OF SPECULATION.

Jamal is a great young player. A tad overrated at a position of not the highest priority, but his name gets said A LOT and, “he MUST be the greatest safety to ever put on pants cause Stephen A. and  Shannon Sharpe say so.”

Id just hate to see him go because they aren’t communicating behind the scenes enough. But if the price is right and it’s in our best interest...it won’t be the first bout of heartburn this franchise has given me.

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