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Report: Ravens in trade discussions for Jamal Adams

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14 minutes ago, ECURB said:

So how does the “we hate Jamal” crowd feel about a good team trading for him?

if a front office like the Ravens will pay him....

We continue to feel like he's a complete selfish douchebag who will only become more and more of a cancer to the locker room as time goes on. Time to stomp out the fire.

If we can fleece anybody for a first and anything ...it's a bargain and a great deal. If not I will take any player who's not an a$$hole like Jamal Adams and a second and third round pick.

Just get rid of this total Ass Clown already please!?

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I'm going to send a case of Binky's to 1 Jets Drive.

C/O Jamal Adams.

And in big black Magic Marker I'm going to write.      " STOP CRYIN " on the box!

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