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Report: Ravens in trade discussions for Jamal Adams

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From a purely draft points perspective, even a 1st round pick and a 2nd from the Ravens is not a good deal for the jets. Think about it, according to the NFL draft point chart, see below:


The number 6 pick was worth 1600 points, and in all likelihood, the Ravens pick, barring any picks from trades, compensatory picks, etc..., will likely be a late first round pick, I suggest they will likely be in the AFC playoff game; thus picking towards the last four picks, worth roughly 640 points. Similarly, a second round pick for the Ravens will similarly be towards the end of the second, worth roughly 300 points. Thus, from a pure draft points perspective, it is not a great deal.

Yeah, Jamal wants out, but they control him for the next 3 years--1 contract year, and two potential franchise tags--they are not at his mercy, despite what the many pundits are saying.

Let's consider trading a multiple time NFL pro-bowler, and the risks associated with any first round pick, let alone one towards the end of the first round. Why make such a deal? Jets are letting Jamal dictate a bad decision on their part. This would not happen to other teams, i.e., the Pats, Chargers, or Packers, etc... In terms of what the Jets get, why give up a home run for a risk in the draft--perhaps if it was done this year, with a loaded draft and a true need a receiver, maybe I would understand it. 

Now let's look at the Jets track record with first and second round picks and home runs: Milner?? Sanchez?? Geno??? Hill???? RIchardson??? Wilkerson???, and we could go on and on. The Jets need to stand firm---I do not believe in breaking a contract just because you are better than expected. Mahomes is waiting, so should Jamal. The Jets should show what they are prepared to do next year: i.e., $100 million, 70 guaranteed, or something of that sort, but stick to their guns and point out they control him for three years---if he plays too tough, he will holdout for how long??? Is he willing to trash a potential hall of fame career??? I say he should stick to his contract, and the Jets should not be the Jets and let a star go for a gamble--even if it is for two first round picks. The Jets need to act like a professional organization. If he holds out, he is the one the looks awful---Melvin Gordon much??? Terrell Owens???

In terms of comparable deals, the Vikings got four picks for Diggs (admittedly, they did give back a 7th though). I say Jamal is more valuable to the Jets than Diggs was to the Vikings. The Texans got RB Johnson and a second for Hopkins (the teams traded fourth round picks)---most believe the Texans were torched in that deal, at least in terms of raw talent (of late, there is talk of locker room issues with DHop--yeah, yeah???). The Jets should not trade away their bast player. If the new salary cap numbers come out soon, then talk turkey, but they should not let him slip away, or let him dictate their future. 

In the end, the Jets shouldn't put themselves at the mercy of a player under contract---he should honor the contract he signed!!! 


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