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Report: Ravens in trade discussions for Jamal Adams

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I would be very surprised if any team was in a rush to trade high picks for any player right now and then pony up a huge contract, at a time when the salary cap is very possibly going to plummet next year, forcing many teams to have to release good players because they can't pay them all under the 2021 cap.  I just don't see BAL as making that kind of silly decision.  

The issue right now, is nobody is getting signed for big, long-term money.  Not Dak, not Jamal.  Nobody.  And Jamal is pissed because now he's stuck waiting.  That isn't the Jets' fault, but apparently they are the bad guys to him.  It's a shame.  Regardless, I seriously can't see a trade happening without a massive contract, and I just can't see that happening at all right now.

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