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Charlie Brown

Mims why he was the Steal of the Draft!!

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7 hours ago, David Harris said:

So I’ve been working through this 2 hour pod breakdown of Mims by a Jets YouTube guy I don’t know with ex Jet Marcus Coleman. It’s detailed AF.  

My takeaways were that Mims is supremely talented but has some expected but significant things to learn with getting off press coverage with his shimmies and moves at LOS including hand fighting and not going the long way around the CB. He doesn’t have a ton of counter moves at the LOS.

Then at the top of his breaks he has some inefficiencies lunging into breaks with his plant step and not keeping his feet underneath him as well as rounding off his breaks. He also needs to take shorter steps at the breaks for better control and quicker movement.

he ran about 4 routes in college

he also pushes off A LOT, sometimes very clever and sometimes with brute strength that he’ll get some flags on

we have excellent WR coaches in Van Jefferson and Hines Ward to clean these things up and they sound simple on paper but I think in game action it’ll take a lot of reps to develop. WR’s often take a year or two to develop. 

Mims will probably see 100 balls this year but I think he’ll flash but we shouldn’t expect gangbuster from Jump Street.

for anyone interested 



All very true, anyone that has paid attention to what I said  (paradis as well, credit where its due) about mims during the pre draft process, or looked at the film and knew what they were looking for will tell you the same thing.

Alot of this he has probably already been working on, he actually already looked improved in his senior bowl practice film coming out of his breaks in less steps... It takes practice reps.  same goes for release moves, the great thing about both is even with these restricted times, these are things he can get a TON of reps working on right now.  By the time camp roles around he'll be much improved.  

The hand fighting and pushing off is a different story and can be a difficult habit to break as it just comes naturally to some.. Hines was really good at this though, so having him as a resource to work with will help a ton as he develops.  

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