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Nathan Shepherd


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Fatukasi, Shepard, Quinnen, McClendon, Anderson. That’s rock solid right there. Rotate them and keep them fresh and this team will be set up front.

Shepard is basically a DPR on the interior, he’s not a sure tackler but he can bully guards. 

Fatukasi is the power guy. Controls the LOS, penetrates against the run and dominates centers. Lacks pass rush but is immovable.

McClendon is the savvy vet. Keep him fresh and he’ll give you maximum effort on his reps. Pair him with Fatukasi and it’s basically a 1-yard loss every time.

Anderson gives you more inside pass rush and great pursuit. Can play outside but struggles with OTs in space. 

Quinnen Williams can do all of the above. Needs to be consistent but he has the strength to crush Guards when playing on their outside or inside shoulders. He’ll play the most reps because he’s the most complete player.

These 5 are gonna be the engine of the defense. 

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34 minutes ago, Bungaman said:

Isn't Phillips a part of this rotation? He and Kaufusi didn't look too bad finishing the year. It's nice to have a young, deep group.

I think they will have a great year as a group: an instructive year of NFL experience under their belts, and a year within Greg William's defense means more reacting and less thinking. I believe they will be living in opposing backfields all season long.

Phillips is more of an EDGE player. A classic 4-3 one-gap DE, the Shaun Ellis role in the FEAR days. Kaufusi is very meh but he’s along the same lines. 

It looks like JD values front seven players in the new way of grouping them that’s become more common on the internet - Interior DL, Edge player, Off-ball LB.  Greg Williams groups them together for maximum efficiency and makes it work.

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