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Nathan Shepherd

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29 minutes ago, BCJet said:

Worrying about what Mac did or didnt do is pointless at this point.

What is important is that Shephard was basically a sunk cost when he got suspended and instead came back and not only played "better" then we hoped but actually had excellent pass rushing numbers down the stretch.  

Putting out a legitimate 3-3-5 defense that can have elite run stopping ability while playing 3 DL is an advantage few teams have.  Its very possible Fatuski, Q and Shephard can be an excellent DL for the next 2 years at a very low cost with depth of McLendon, Phillips and Anderson behind them which will then allow us to extend one of the DL and drop Anderson with no net loss of space or performance.

Dont sleep on Phillips, he was like #1 in TFL for DL or something like that forget the actual stat but he was sneaky excellent.

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