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Nathan Shepherd

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7 hours ago, NYJ1 said:

I just don't understand the emphasis Mac always placed the DL to the detriment/neglect of the OL. The fact is, even when it comes to DL Mac sucked at drafting them. Nate Shepard has become a decent player, but he's not like GREAT, and that's what Mac was trying to lead us to believe.

Great point.  And, it's even more ironic given his neglect of the outside pass rush.  You would think that a guy who invests so heavily in the Line would be doing so because he believes disrupting the other team's QB is a key to winning (and I agree with that).  So why would he pay so little attention to DE and pass rushing OLBs, only throwing some token picks at those spots with guys like Mauldin and Polite?

Yes, I will never forgive him for passing over Josh Allen from Kentucky for QW last year.  At the same time I hope QW becomes a disruptive monster inside in his 2nd season.  If Quinnen continues to look average then it'll be almost ridiculous how a GM used two Top 6 picks on DTs who were never any better than good.  It almost defies all odds.

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