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Darnold's Skill Set To Gase's System...

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40 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

Excellent and refreshing.  All good points.  Also agree on what appeared to be questionable play calling.  Gase's play calling looked like what I call a shoebox offense.  He has a shoebox full of play cards and pulls them out randomly rather than intelligently building a drive.  It all goes hand in hand with a lack of vision and a lack of orchestrating the big picture with all the moving parts working in synergy.

Again, yes it does seem like that at times.  However, having been in the role of a play caller myself, I know the extreme difficulty it can be to develop any coherent looking play calling plan when the team is consistently in a hole score wise, behind in D&DST, or effectively shut down in one phase of the offense.   So while I am skeptical of Gase ability to call plays, I can't sit here and just throw a blanket of criticism on him, there are just too many factors that play into this for it to be so cut and dry.  Hence why I think this year will really give a more clear picture as to what we are looking at.  

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49 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Sam Darnold is a more effective QB rolling out and making plays. 

Gase would take russel wilson and lamar jackson and make them pocket passers.

It comes down to what does the QB do best and how can i make an offense to suit him.

Making Darnold a pocket passer is limiting his effectiveness.


not necessarily true.  Lamar Jackson actually led the league in TD passes from the pocket last season.  It's misleading to think to be effective you have to have mobile qbs outside the pocket making throws.  A lot of the throws these guys are making "outside the pocket" are usually on plays where they scramble out and hit guys on the run, but not by design.  Look at the mobile qbs there are some designed roll outs for sure, but mostly they are asked to drop back, then scramble out of the pocket and make a play.

I would argue that is almost primarily how russel wilson does his job, he is rarely a "roll out" qb anymore, watch seahawks games, he is straight drop back the majority of the time, and ends up outside the pocket because his offensive line cant hold up.  

You dont want the majority of your offense to be roll outs and moving pockets, its too easy for the defense to defend.  Easy to send autoblitzes to the roll side, and then allows the defense to only have to defend half the field.  

These plays are called sometimes as designed roll outs, mostly though off of run fakes, which is a play action pass.  I mentioned this before that it should be incorporated more into the offense, and we did see that come to fruition, however you need an effective run game to pull this off.  The jets run game was inconsistent at best last season, so with that in mind,  its easy to see why there was less of it in the offense last season. 


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