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Darnold's Skill Set To Gase's System...

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4 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

Darnold's Skill Set To Gase's System Is A Square Peg To A Round Hole...

This needs to be looked at and discussed "scientifically".  

The way I see it, this is the key issue involving the Jets and their future.  As of right now, I *REALLY* don't think too many fans see and understand the critical significance of this issue.  The usual defenders of Gase chime in with the same old commentary that misses the larger point totally. 

We all know they Jets had a poor offensive line.  We all know the Jets had limited weapons.  NONE of that is germane this discussion.  Such a defense only demonstrates ignorance in the face of the larger point.  That point being, Sam Darnold's unique skill set it at odds with the offensive system that Adam Gase is addicted to.  This does not bode well for the Jets.  Not only will it be a general impediment to overall offensive production, but it threatens the future of Sam Darnold's career with the Jets.  How long has it been since the Jets had a bona fied potential franchise QB ??? Does everyone grasp just how hard it is to acquire one ???  You cant just dial 1-800-quarterback.  It is an enormously rare asset to come across and it is the absolute KEY to building a winning team.  Well... Now the Jets have one.  And guess what ???  With the system Gase is hell bent to run, a VERY rare and very special potential franchise QB is at risk of being flushed down the toiled by an inept HC/OC.

Lets go over the nuts and bolts...

First, lets have a look at Sam's skill set.

1. Sam can pass from the pocket, but I think we all agree his clear strengths are ability to move in the pocket and move with a shifting pocket.  It allows him to extend the pays, survey the field and wait for opportunities.  When those opportunities present themselves in the form of a pass catcher coming open, we all see that Sam can get the ball to the pass catcher regardless of the position or condition that Sam is in.  He can throw from all angles and hit the target.  Few QB's can do that.  Those are skills that you need to take advantage of or it is a waste of material.  An offense that encourages and aids such a QB is an offensive system that is predicated on aggressive man blocking by the line along with regular line shifts.  You move the pocket itself, and let Darnold move with it.  Such a scheme is also VERY good to take advantage of both play action and a RB that excels when he can be patient, use his field vision, pick his opportunities and exploit them.  A RB just like Bell... 

Now on to the offense that Gase runs.

1. Zone blocking by the offensive line

2. Static Pocket

3. Four basic pass plays all predicated on pre-snap read by QB to identify most probable target and hot pass rusher, disciplined rout running, precise timing, pinpoint accuracy with ball placement and ball delivery 2.5 to 2.8 seconds is expected. 

And add to that mix.  The ball carrier you want in the Gase system is a deliberate, powerful straight ahead runner.  The OPPOSITE skill set of Bell, who just so happens to be under a very expensive contract for three more years... 

Are you getting all this ??? Do you understand what I am getting at ???

Respond to this with "WELL... Um... DUHHH... GASE didn't have a good offensive line last year so, lets give him a chance"  and I will award you with the grand title... Idiot Head Of The Year...

My only hope to save Sam's future with the Jets is the hope that JD is not beholden in any way to Gase and he promotes Gase out of NY for 2021.  

I cant be any clearer than that.  

bring it on.  the fact that the jets team improved over the last half of the season pretty much ruins your argument.  how did that happen if gase is so married to one offensive scheme?  he isn't and proved it.  that's how the team finished 6-2.  and the 1-7 start was just as much about darnold not being up to full strength after having mono as much as it is about the bad oline.

i have a feeling you are going to be plenty surprised this season.

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47 minutes ago, THE BARON said:

It is.  An example of unscientific would be "Um... Gase only had one year so far.  Um... Duh... They didn't have a line... Err... Lets stop with all the negativity" 

you keep believing that science will solve gase for you.  i gotta a bridge in nyc to sell you.  i'm not sure there are any teams that rely on things like sabermetrics to assess their teams.  and if they do, i doubt any have been successful.  why?  because the nfl is all about emotion and it's not like baseball where there is basically and batter going against a pitcher.  there is only a limited place the ball is going and it's not like there are 11 other guys trying to take the head off of the ball carrier.

i would love to see a study that correlates whatever data the nfl gets during the combine get really translated into the future success of a player.

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