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Judon signs franchise tag

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3 hours ago, bitonti said:

It pretty much screws any mid major or small school player. The power 5 prospects will be fine. The Adam Troutman's of the world will be boned 

Ill be honest, I'm not so sure its looking bad for CFB next season.  At least on the high school level we've been cleared to start as of June 30th here in NJ.  and other states Oklahoma of the top of my head, have already reopened their seasons in full with 0 restrictions.  

How it all plays out we'll see, but I think from being in meetings and reading the tea leaves things are planning to move ahead for a full season for all levels.   I have a meeting next week where I'll learn more. 

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2 hours ago, bitonti said:

A "full season for all levels" does that include crowd? 107k in the Big Petri Dish in Michigan? 

are the student sections going to be allowed to sweat and scream into each others mouths all fall? 

let's say there are sports but no crowds

follow up question

What does a scout do with a guy who plays great when no one is watching? that's ludicrous. And not a good comparison NFL football. How do you have a "big game" for 19 year old players with no crowd?

the NFL is motivated by money. Places like Ohio State are motivated by money. But i'll say it again 2020-21 CFB season will be compromised/delayed somehow affected by all this (IT ALREADY HAS BEEN WITH NO SPRING BALL) and that makes 2022 picks worth more. 

we can be optimistic but we have to be realists

please let me know if your meeting goes otherwise next week I'm legitimately interested in the re-start of sports as soon as possible. I'm rooting for a full season. I just don't see how anyone but the richest programs can afford the amount of tests required. 

Some states have ok'd the of fans to attend games, however in limited numbers. I doubt that colleges will be allowed to have 100k fans in the stands but i would imagine a 25% rule being put into place and such a thing has been discussed on multiple levels.  Obviously this is all fluid due to the uncertain nature of the times.  If the next few months numbers continue to decrease or at minimum stay stable we will see a more concrete plan of attendance and practices going forward.  

I believe this will have some effect as you say on the scouts ability to judge "big game" performance as crowds undoubtedly play a role, just to what extent that effects scouting accuracy towards player performance projections I'm not sure.  I would love to talk to a scout and find out exactly how much things like that factor into their overall player profiles and how much of a hinderance that factor will be when scouting players this season. 

Youre right that all colleges are motivated by money.  People are easily able to point to the power 5 conferences as billion dollar industries and realize that the power they wield as such will force NCAA rules to be able to hold games.  However, the smaller schools rely on this just as much.. Take for example Kent State, not the smallest school, but a small school on Alabama's schedule this year.  Kent state relies on that game just as much as Alabama does.  Alabama pays Kent a very large sum of money to play that game, money that Kent relies upon to recruit, update facilities, and help other sport programs.  This is why I fully believe we will see a full season of college football played (barring a full blown second wave that cripples their ability to do so). 

In terms of testing, I think this is a crucial aspect to returning safely to sports, but I am not sure how much this is factored into the discussion fully.  I know at the high school level, testing has not been talked about once in regard to the plan to returning to practices and competition.  Instead screenings will be done before the start of any practice or game.  As of now temperature readings and general health surveys will be given in order for students to be able to participate in practice.  In NJ no more than 25 people may be involved in the practice at once, so you may have to split things up by positional groups.  The locker room is also not to be used, so students must come with all their equipment and leave with it.   These are the guidelines released by the NJSIAA, but I need to see what the NFHS comes out with as that is the national governing board.  

Again we'll see where it all goes, but I would lean to expecting football to be played, and with some number of fans in attendance. 

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