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My crazy guess at Top 5 Possible Surprise Jets Cuts

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3 hours ago, Sarge4Tide said:

Who might be "surprise" cuts the Jets might make prior to the 2020 season? For this thread we won't count Brian Winters or Avery Wiliamson as "surprises" if they got cut

Wild Guess / Thinking Out Loud - Top 5 Potential "Surprise" Cuts 

  1. Trevon Wesco -TE/H Back - I like the kid and think he has potential but with Griffin, Herdon and Brown at TE, There might not be a place for Wesco. He did a decent job at H Back but doesn't add much on special teams. Could be the odd man out if Jets decide to keep an extra player at another position 
  2. Blake Cashman - ILB - No doubt he did some really nice things when thrown into the deep end of the pool last year. If Mosley is healthy and Jets keep Williamson and with several other options at ILB, Cashman could be gone. It would be surprising, yes, but it's possible. He could go to the Practice Squad if we could sneak him through 
  3. Jonotthan Harrison - C/G - Certainly a hard working and reliable veteran - stepped in 2 years in a row to stabilize a disaster at C, but will battle Josh Andrews and maybe even draftee Cameron Clark  for that spot.
  4. Jordan Jenkins - OLB - Another player I like and a solid vet. But if the Jets play more 4-3, if draftee Jabari Zuniga and UDFA Bryce Huff look good in preseason and athletic guys like Jordan Willis or John Frnklin Myers get healthy, maybe Jenkins could be gone - unlikely yes
  5. Henry Anderson - DE - Looked great 2 years ago, less so last year. If Kyle Phillips continues to improve and if Willis or Franklin-Myers or even Zuniga plays DE instead of OLB, Anderson might be a surprise cut 

I agree with you regarding Wesco, Cashman and Anderson.  I disagree with you strongly regarding Harrison and Jenkins.  Not only has Jenkins proven himself and can rush the passer, but the Jets just resigned him to a cap friendly deal.  Jenkins is going nowhere.

I will add two to the three that I agree with you.  I would have added Winters, but you exempted him to the list.  Frankie Luvu would be my #4, and #5 Josh Doctson.

I say Doctson because I feel that we have 1 or 2 players that we signed as free agents after the draft that I think may be keepers.  Crowder, Mims, Crager, Campbell, Perriman could be the 5 that we keep.

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