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My crazy guess at Top 5 Possible Surprise Jets Cuts

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Harrison yup he's 99% gone -Josh Andrews/GVR is a better combo at backup C

Wesco and Cashman can save their jobs by playing like animals on specials but agree 75% chance both are gone. Cashman's shoulder doesn't really exist anymore. 

@sec101row23 called it with Nathan Shepherd who was old when he was drafted and offers nothing on specials

Cannon is interesting because of his 4.4 speed. probably loses his KR job to Davis or someone but he could also stick by showing anything on offense catching out of the backfield. Bell is S-L-O-W slow and neither Gase nor Douglas really wants him on this roster. I think he's got a fighter's shot 50/50 if he can make big plays can take Ty Monty's role. 

the end of the roster basically comes down to who the ST coach says is useful. 

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