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On 5/29/2020 at 7:10 PM, Samtorobby47 said:

Back up, failed QBs make the best coaches. Everyone should know this by now. That’s not sarcasm either. 

bellichiken played qb?  he played db at wesleyan.  tom landry played qb?  he played db for the giaints.  don shula played qb?  he played lb for the browns. brian billick played lb and te in college. bill walsh played qb and then te and de in college. bill parcells played lb in college.  pete carroll played db in college.  sean mcvay played wr.  kyle shanahan played wr.

gruden, payton and gibbs played qb in college. sam wyche was an nfl qb. mike shanahan played qb.  mike holmgren played qb (usc).

i agree with the premise that the guys on the end of the bench make good coaches but how much of that is due to the need to be employed after the career ends or just being a better coach than the star players.

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