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Punter Braden Mann Jets Draft Pick


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7 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

Second favorite pick of the draft.   

Only behind Mims.

He’ll likely end up being the best player (position wise) coming out the draft.  Mim’s will have a bigger impact (of course)

But this kid, year 1 - will be the best punter in the NFL.

The way he hammers that football he reminds me of Shane Lechler just 50 pounds lighter.

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I like the pick but Im not gonna get too excited until I see some punts from our end zone in bad weather. When we are backed up to our 3 yard line and punting and this guy can kick the other team to their side of the field then I might get excited. Until then just shove him in a locker.

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4 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

I only got 5 laugh emojis for the original post while you've already gotten 9 for the re-post!  This ish is a popularity contest.  I'm outta here!  :)




Haha I forgot who said it but at least I tried to give credit ❤️

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3 hours ago, EM31 said:

One thing is for sure. If opponents will be catching in considerable space then our coverage tackling better be up to snuff.

nonetheless a good problem to have

What helps is he generally couples those distances with impressive hang times as well, which allows the coverage teams time to get down the field.  If he is able to do what he did in college its a tremendous luxury to have for the next 3-4 years on the money he'll be making.  Punting gets overlooked because in general, there is a lack of really good punters, but it is a pretty good advantage when you have one. 

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