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Assault on Precinct 3

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bottom line:

The human race is a failed experiment.  Greed, envy, lust, pride, wrath , envy, etc, are indelible components of our makeup. They will never be removable from this diseased society. It will prove to be the death of us all. 

Be righteous, be above it all, be hopeful, be polyannish, convince yourself that this can all be erased. You are fooling yourself as doom looms large and inevitable, Kneel all you want. Start protests that just turn into looting. We all are just insects swarming towards the insecticide that nature will provide for our extermination.  

Dinosaurs? nah. Humans? no way. 

Good luck cockaroaches. 


EDIT: just to add. 

Want to see the future? Rent Clockwork Orange and see who end up becoming the policemen of our near future. 


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