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Hey Jets Fans-

I am a longtime poster on TGG and couldn't help but notice the way everyone was really complimenting the admins and posters of this site, while our site was down.

You can never get enough good Jets talk and info, so I decided to see for myself and join.

Here's to a promising (and interesting) offseason- we have alot of key moves to make before you can convince me that this team has a legitimate shot of breaking .500, but I am very willing to give the Great Mangini and his team the time they need to put the right personnel on the field, and this will surely not happen overnight.

Needless to say, the coming months will certainly not be mundane by any stretch of the imagination.

HOLY CHRIST is that embarassing- as I was typing the msg I was thinking about how much I hated my time spent on the "other" site- mods or admin, can you please change the title, as I would hate for the rest of the board to see me as a guy who is bumbling at the mouth on day one.


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Hehe. . .Koz.

JN should be rockin' today. There's a TGG bukkake going on right now, and JN is right in the middle.

I'm wondering if the Mr. JI is tweaked at the conspicuous absence of "Thank you JI" threads. :)

SundayJack is kind of what this place is all about. :)

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potw nom!!!

WELCOME TO THE SITE KOZ!! I enjoy reading your stuff on TGG...hope you share with us.

Koz is one of the funniest guys I know. Glad he joined here. :yahoo:

Hey Smizzy, I seen on your birthday on the age tree, you were born the year I graduated high school! :eek:

Damn I feel old <sigh>

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I will still totally make out with you!!

LOL! That made my day.

My son's friends all call me MILF, really pisses him off to no end. He's such a :baby: at 25. The hubby thinks it funny. But thanks to the kid, I'm now a GILF.

Sheesh, grandma at 45 :bag:

I told him I was still hip, all I got was an eye roll! :eek:

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