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Can the New York Jets finally win their division?

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Buffalo and NE have more talent than we do, but we have the best qb of the bunch so there is a question mark about the outcome.

I think that the afce is going to be pretty close and it’s going to be decided in the late fall when the weather gets bad.

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On 6/13/2020 at 9:08 AM, UntouchableCrew said:

You keep railing about "7 seasons without Brady" like it means anything what happened in the early 90s with the Cleveland Browns. That is literally a lifetime ago. The game couldn't have been more different.

In his last 20 games without Brady the Pats are 14-6, which the relevant number here as it represents what the modern Patriots infrastructure looks like with out him and likely what the Pats are going to look like over the next couple of years.

Bill Belichick has 6 Super Bowls as a head coach, two more as one of the greatest defensive coordinators of all time, and built that dynasty on defense for years and years while Brady was a solid but unspectacular QB. The idea that he is comparable to Adam Gase is the most throughly ludicrous argument I've ever heard and makes you look like an utter fool.

They went 11-5 in 2008, a year after going UNDEFEATED.  The 2008 schedule was also much easier, it helped the dolphins go from. 1 win to 12, the Jets go from 4 to 9 yet NE lost 5 more games and missed the playoffs and we are supposed to be impressed? 

The other 3 wins came in 2016 with 2 of them with Jimmy Garropolo at QB who has done nothing but win.


BB built his defensive genius deploying the greatest defensive player of all time and he built his HC genius with the greatest QB of all time.  His D's have been incredibly overrated post LT including his 98 Jets when his D blew a 10 point second half lead in the AFC Championship Game.


The 90s browns count, the 2000-01 pats without Brady count.  He's less of a HC than Gase and many others without Brady.

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