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Jamal Adams Strikes Again on Instagram

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1 minute ago, Dcat said:

It boggles the mind how Jets fans claim that he is good in coverage.  Christ.  Eyeball test: ratio of good coverage plays to whiffs , wrong angles and wrong place at wrong time is nowhere as good as Jets fans claim.  JMO from my own ovservations.  But when he does make a play... man it can be awesome.  Credit where credit is due.  There is just not enough of it to come close to justifying keeping him beyond the rookie contract.  Not worth the money.  Poor return on investment.  I don't want mental-case risks with extraordinarily highly paid players.  /end jamal's time with NYJ.

Adams is not bad in coverage but he isn’t good either.  His strength is in run support and coming off blitzes even he would admit that

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So that should just about put to rest any debate of him being any sort of team leader. He's shown his true colors, which are as a headache-causing diva, despite playing at one of the least impact

Best player on the team, and props to him as a leader on and off the field, and for having the guts to take a stand on what’s happening in this country also. He’s been the voice of the Jets as far as

You couldn’t get Myles Garrett from Cleveland for Jamal Adams and a first round pick.

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5 minutes ago, Snell41 said:

Whether you’re for or against Jamal, the fact of the matter is there are no OC’s in the league losing sleep over facing him. He’s just not that impactful.

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Agreed.  The kid is talented but he acts like he completely changes the way an opposing offense operates because of him which is completely false.  I mean there have been plenty of games where Jamal has been fairly quiet too 

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