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Jerome Bettis looking at broadcasting job now

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Jerome Bettis Looking at Broadcasting Jobs Wed Feb 15, 4:23 PM ET

NEW YORK - Jerome Bettis is ready to make a run at a new career. The bruising running back said Wednesday he has spoken to Fox about joining the network's NFL broadcast team. Bettis retired after the .


"Right now I'm looking for a job, so hopefully the opportunity will present itself," Bettis said on Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends."

He said if a job were offered he would take it.

"No question," he said.

The Bus ended his football career after 13 seasons, retiring as the league's No. 5 career rusher. In recent seasons, though, he was relegated more to short-yardage or goal-line situations. He finished with 43 yards on 14 carries in the Super Bowl.

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well in all fairness to the guy, he isn't a complete horses ass like Irvin or Dion, so it might not be half bad.

The one guy with a very bright future in broadcasting in the coming years is Tiki...From what I've seen, he already does some work on the side for the local affiliates, plus he's got a pretty high likability factor.

Word also has it that the networks are all vying for ad space on Tiki's collosal noggin..

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I've always thought Peyton Manning would make a very good broadcaster. Ray Lewis has did some work for NFL Network during Pro Bowl week and I thought he did a decent job. Darren Sharper and Brentson Buckner will most definitely move into broadcasting as well.

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